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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Ketotifen
Product Pack : 30 tabs x 1 mg
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Ketotifen is a steroid applied on the asthma and allergic patients. The steroid can effectively deal with mild problems like asthma and allergic reactions among kids. This steroid helps to minimize the asthma syndromes so that the patients do not get to suffer from the trouble for a long period.

Steroid information and dosage

This steroid is known for minimizing the vile attacks of asthma symptoms by lowering the attacking levels and TNF Alpha, a catabolic hormone. This steroid is also used to deal with the troubles among AIDS patients as they are prone to be attacked by virus or different bacterial formations. This steroid is suggested to take on the basis of the age and physical capacity. As for example, a three year old child should take this dosage as 1mg for two times a day while the elders can take higher dosages. The dosage regulations do not only depend and vary with the age factors but they also differ from one patient to another.

If any dose is missed, the doctors should be contacted immediately. However, if it seems as late for one or two hours, the medicine can be administered as soon as possible. One should also be cautious of the overdoses as they can bring more trouble to the users.

Side effects

As the side effect of overdose, people may suffer from light-headedness, nausea, hypertension and even disorientation. Confusion is a common factor as a side effect due to overdose. Children may even slip into coma due to high dose. Weight gain, dizziness may also follow as side effects. If the drowsiness persists for long hours, people may feel numbness or loss of energy. Rashes or rough skin may also trouble to those who have missed the dosages or overdosed with the steroid. However, it is better to consult a doctor if the patient had a tryst with seizure in the past as the steroid is likely to increase the trouble.

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