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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma
Raw Material : Trenbolone Acetate
Product Pack : 10 ml/vial (100mg/ml)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line 1

Buy Trenbolone 100 and get enough muscle mass to make yourself look stronger

Trenbolone 100 is one of the well known anabolic substances used for gaining muscle mass and increasing weight at a massive level among the body builders and athletes. This steroid is also helpful during the cutting phase as this one helps to shed the extra fat to make the muscles look stronger and solid from inside. This steroid is basically a 19-nor steroid that has been structurally changed to increase anabolic activities.

Trenbolon is a modified form of the well known and popularly used steroid Nandrolone. Alteration in the carbon bond in Trenbolone 100 has helped the steroid to become more androgenic. In fact, this steroid is one of the strongest and well balanced anabolic-androgenic steroids available in the market so far. This steroid promotes insulin like growth factor in human body and increases RBC counts to pass oxygen through the blood vessels all over the human body to boost energy.

How to use

Trenbolone is suggested to use as 35 to 150mgs per day or 50 to 100mgs per day, according to different opinions. However, those who are hitting the gym with full of their capabilities already can try using Trenbolone 100mgs per day to get a better result. Trenbolone basically increases the RBC counts and as a result of that higher BP is quite possible. It also helps to store energy so that the users can perform better.

Side effects

Higher BP is always a risk as this may come with serious cardiovascular troubles for the users. Losing hair lines or having headache are some common factors that the users do not worry about, but increasing breathing problem or fatigue during the cutting period may compel the users to consult with the physicians for starting adverse medication. Like many other anabolic steroids Trenbolone 100 also cause Gynecomastia among the male users.

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