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When it comes to enhancing performance in athletics Trenbo A is the final answer till now. Extremely popular among body building enthusiasts, this hormone comes second in circulation when compared to Testosterone but perhaps comes first if effects are the parameters.
Features and effects of Trenbo A
Invented and first used as a veterinary steroid, it did not take long for this compound to gain huge popularity among humans too. A modified version of Nandrolone hormone this lacks the carbon at the 19th place of a chain. It has the better affinity to androgen receptors and slower metabolism rate and almost no aromatizing effect. When chemically compared with testosterone, it has the rating of 500 (in both anabolic and androgenic capabilities), whereas Testosterone has only 100. The addition of a short living ester (Acetate) makes it faster and smoother in effect.
This drug has many common features of any anabolic steroid but its effect is only stronger and this is what makes it a unique proposition.

It promotes the higher rate of recovery, stamina and muscle building. It inhibits the stress hormones from taking an active role, thus ensures continuous performance without any hiccup and finally, it provides the capability to take more out of every food we intake. Simply it turns a nonchalant diet into a highly effective one - one trait that makes it superior and indispensable.
Dosage and Side Effects of Trenbo A
The range of 50 -100 Mg every other day (injectable) is perfect for professional use. Sometimes hardened body builders take dosage beyond 200 Mg but that increases the risk of side effects and puts the overall objective into jeopardy.

Possible side effects include androgenic problems like acne and faster hair loss. Cardiovascular issues like a rise in bad cholesterol may also occur. If Response issues like insomnia, night sweat, faster heart beat takes place, it is better to leave this alone and move forward. Though these symptoms occur mostly in cases of heavy abuse. 
Trenbo A is a great remedy which embraced by professionals.

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