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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care
Product Pack : 10 amps (1.5ml (76.5mg/ml))
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A properly shaped body is the dream of every man but it requires a long wait with hard work-out schedule in gym. Modern people have less time and they need to do a lot of work within that limited period. Trenbolone Hexa is one of the popular steroids used massively by the body builders who are seeking a perfect figure.

Steroid profile

Trenbolone Hexa has a molecular weight of 312.40 but may defer in its ester form. The active life form of this steroid is 2 to 3 days. It is highly anabolic androgenic steroid which starts working almost immediately. This steroid has high DTH level that causes water retention to turn the fat into the muscle.

How to use?

The standard dosage of Trenbolone Hexa is 35mg per day but it can go up to 50 to 75mg per day for those who are hitting the gym to get into shape. However, some elite users sometimes exceed the dosage up to 100mg per day even. While these are the oral dosages, those who prefer injections can take 200mg to 600mg per week for a faster and better result.

Why to buy?

Trenbolone Hexa is an effective steroid during the cutting phase. It can reduce the fat rapidly to show and bulk up the muscle mass. By suppressing testosterone Trenbolone Hexa can help the users feel energetic so that they can stay back to the gym for longer period.

Side effects

Like all other anabolic androgenic steroids Trenbolone Hexa has some side effects which may turn devastating if the physicians are not contacted soon enough. Water retention by this steroid may damage kidney as well as liver functions. More importantly, people with past history of liver problems should not consume this steroid. High blood pressure, irregular heart beat and insomnia are among other side effects caused by this steroid.

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