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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Triiodotironin - Liothyronin
Product Pack : 100 Tabs 25mcg
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Bulking up the body is an important factor for athletes and that is why people look out for anabolic steroid. It is easy to hit the gym for hours but there are some factors which may not come to perfection only by hitting the gym. Anabolic steroids may help users to get the body by shedding the extra fat and pumping up the muscle stake enviously.

Cytomel is basically a drug or steroid used to deal with Hypothyroidism. However, people who use steroids for growth of the body take this steroid to keep up with the growth factor. This steroid is a strong metabolic regulator. The T3 hormone in the steroid Cytomel controls growth factor among the users or bodybuilders.


The dosage of Cytomel should be started from a lower amount which will gradually increase to a higher dosage. Every passing week will add some more amounts with the dosage regulations. However, it should be consulted with the physician to be assured of the dosage.


This steroid burns fat and increase metabolism. It is known as one of the most useful fat burners available in the market. The bodybuilders use this one to shed their extra weight during the cutting period. However, proper diet should also be maintained while using this steroid to counter with the adverse effects.

Side effects

Primary side effects of this steroid include nausea, light-headedness, breathing difficulties and overdose induced troubles like heart issues, dehydration and excessive weight loss. Temporary hair loss or baldness is also a strong adverse effect of it. This steroid is basically used for Thyroid patients. Overdose of this steroid may trouble with the thyroid gland of the people and eventually put them in serious troubles. Patients with cardiovascular diseases should contact the doctors before applying the steroid or if any problem arises during the dosage period.

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