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Manufacturer : Singani Pharma
Product Pack : 10 amps (1 ml ampoule (250 mg/ml))
Shipping Line : Asia Line


Take testosterone cypionate 250 to boost up your figure and sex drive

Testosterone Cypionate 250 is basically the raw male hormone testosterone which has been altered to use in performance enhancement. This steroid may help to boost up the both the physical and mental characteristics among males. This basically helps to increase and boost up the sex drive, losing fat and gaining strong muscle mass.

Testosterone Cypionate is a strong anabolic androgenic steroid that builds up a properly curved body by shading extra fat and turning the rest to muscle to cover the mean muscle mass, intensifies bone density and prevent the users on heart ailment issues. It retains nitrogen to increase the size of the muscles. This steroid strongly works against rapid muscle losing as well. This ester form of testosterone may help the users to change their shape with more muscle fibers that can be visible in the body after intense workout. This raw version of testosterone also helps to bind creatine to help the muscles stimulate ATP to break it into ADP to gain more energy.

How to use

This steroid can be used for a long period as 12 weeks at a measurement of 200mgs to 1000 mgs per week. This is not just a steroid that increases muscle mass and provides support for sex hormone therapy, but may also help to deal with Alzheimer’s patients. This performance enhancing steroid can truly increase the level of performance among the users. However, the suggested dosage of this steroid is 200 to 600mgs, but increasing it 1000mgs may need proper supportive diet so that the body can cope up with the changes that this steroid is supposed to make.

Side effects

Changes in skin colors may be caused by this steroid. Apart from this it may trouble the users with nausea, vomiting and gradual hair loss among men. Lightheadedness and increased heartbeat may cause due to increased dosage. It would be better for the users not to ignore the symptoms and talk to the doctors if any sort of problem persists for days

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