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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care
Product Pack : 10 amps (1 ml (250mg/ml))
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Steroid profile

Testosterone enanthate, the prime ingredient of testobolin, is largely used for the growth and development of male reproductive organs, maintaining the secondary sex characteristics, increases the protein anabolism rate and decreases its catabolism.

Why to use

Testosterone enanthate is usually used for treating the symptoms concerned with lower testosterone levels in men. In cases, when the body ceases testosterone production ( hypogonadism) or even stops the production, testobolin is ideal for treating such disorders. The physician may also think it right to prescribe in other physiological abnormalities too. Certain types of breast cancers also have their remedies in testobolin.

Users’ guidelines

Testobolin dosage varies according the medical condition and requirements of the individual. It is always suggested to follow the doctor’s advice in this regard. Testobolin is not advised to take in increased amounts than prescribed as it may make the body susceptible to the fatal side-effects. To yield the best results, testobolin should be taken followed by a protein and calorie-rich diet. In case of any missed dose, take it as soon as possible until it’s time to take the next. Avoid taking double doses at the same time. Testobolin should be stored out of the reach of children. It needs to be stored away from heat and direct light and its liquid form of the drug should be maintained.


Testobolin shows variable side-effects as many people have no or slight effects. In case of appearance of any complications, consult your physicians as the side-effects may persist or may become fatal:

Penis enlargement
Increased frequency of erections
Unnatural hair growth
Oily skin
Enlarging clitoris
Hoarseness or deepening of voice
Irregular menstruation
Unusual hair loss
Bone pain
Sore tongue
Swelled feet or lower legs

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