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Testosterone Propionate is nothing but natural Testosterone hormone synthetically manufactured (though identical in every chemical trait) with a short Propionate ester attached with it. A fast and preferred form of Testosterone mostly used in cutting cycle of body building, this is also the most effective one and popular also in its own merit.
Features and effects of Testo P

The short ester attached in this Testosterone provides one unique advantage over other ester-attached synthetic Testosterone hormones- it is more Testosterone in every drop of injection taken. It is also very fast to act and easily gets out of the body when its purpose is served- these are the reasons why many athletes prefer it over other long acting ones.

As a perfect replica of the natural hormone, this has the rating of 100 when it comes to its anabolic and androgenic capabilities.

That means it provides all that the Testosterone hormone provides- gaining muscle and strength more quickly, increasing RBC count and increase in confidence, attitude, stamina and any positive attributes associated with male traits. It also keeps the stress making hormones at bay, making the final days of workouts easier and more fruitful.

It provides more than what has listed above without lesser side effects. Though the short living ester ensures more frequent injections, it is popular because of faster effective rate and lesser side effects as it remains lesser time within our body.
Dosage and Side Effects of Testo P

To enhance performance dosage in the range of 25 -50 mg every other day is perfect and this range is what most male users find very tolerable.

Higher usage is not entirely uncommon but it enhances the risk of side effects like breast enlargement, water retention, high blood pressure, faster hair loss etc.
Also, it should be used with a proper Post Cycle Therapy in place as its intake stops natural Testosterone hormone secretion within our body.
Testo P is the highway to success.

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