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Product Pack : 250mg 10ml
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Testo E 250 or Testosterone Enanthate is the synthetic version of Testosterone naturally found in human body and which is responsible for fulfillment of physical desire a man can ever desire.
Features and effects of Testo E 250

The oldest and most commonly used Testosterone drug of all time is perhaps this drug. It is simply a Testosterone compound based on a singular ester. This attachment (Enanthate) helps in controlling the active duration and release time of this hormone. Simply put, this feature is the cause of the time this hormone takes to start working.

When used as a pharmaceutical drug to treat medical conditions like low testosterone syndrome, this drug is almost life-saver. It helps the user to regain everything lost due to a lower level of Testosterone- from libido to a better attitude towards life, it gives back everything.

In the athletic circle, it does almost the same. Better nitrogen reception increased RBC count, increased stamina and fat loss to huge gain in muscle building- it promotes everything one body builder needs dearly.
The list does not end here- regular intake of this drug helps an athlete to fight a formidable enemy- stress and successfully win over it.

Clearly, it is the companion every successful athlete should adhere to.
Dosage and Side Effects of Testo E 250

A healthy adult male finds it very easy to tolerate once administered. However, in the case of abuse, symptoms like breast enlargement and water retention is quite common. The negative effect on blood pressure is often observed in the case of abuse. Androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne will depend on genetic traits. It has no hepatotoxicity- your liver is safe and will remain so.
Testo E 250 has all the potentialities to bridge the gap between hard work and success.

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