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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care
Raw Material : Testosterone Cypionate
Product Pack : 10 ml (250mg/ml)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line3


The basic problem with the anabolic steroids is, they affect the reproductive system by suppressing the qualities of testosterone. That is why the body builders sometimes face serious troubles with low testosterone issues. Testosterone Cypionate or Test Cypionate (TestoCyp Vial) by Alpha Pharma can help the aspiring bodybuilders to cover up both the sides by minimizing the damage.

Test Cypionate is a testosterone ester in Cypionate which is high on anabolic and androgenic rating. This steroid may help the users to grow body mass and harden the muscle while they would gradually cope up with the damages caused by other testosterone suppressing injections. This steroid has abilities to increase abilities in the satellite cells which play active roles in repairing the muscles that have been damages so far.

How to use:

Test Cypionate by Alpha Pharma is usually injected to the buttock once in a week or 12 days. There are some bodybuilders who inject once in every alternate day but this extra dosage basically does not do any good for them. The injection can be about 50mg to 400mg per week, depending on the need and the capacity of the user. Some increases the dosage to 200 to 400mg in a week in an expectation to get a better result. The steroid slowly gets absorbed in the blood and gradually spreads from the injection site for next few days.

Side effects:

Troubled breathing, blurred vision, headache and seizures are the common side effects of Test Cypionate. It may even lead to temporary blindness and slurring of speech. Overdose of the medicines can create reactions like skin rashes, itching and common allergic symptoms. Sudden growth of testosterone level in blood can also be noticed. BPH and ejaculation disorder may trouble those who have suffered testosterone suppression previously as an effect of other anabolic steroid.

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