T3 MAX 25

T3 MAX 25

T3 MAX 25

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Manufacturer : Maxtreme Pharma
Raw Material : Liothyronine Sodium
Product Pack : 100 tabs 25mcg
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line3

Description: T3 or Liothyronine Sodium is the synthetic version of Liothyronine hormone that and is not an anabolic steroid. T3 is widely used by athletes of all verticals and favored over T4 as T3 comes with lesser side effects but almost same positive effect.

 Functions & Traits: As previously stated, this product is only a synthetic version of Thyroid hormone that is naturally created in the human body, Liothyronine Sodium gets very quickly absorbed into blood streams from the stomach and starts working rapidly within a few hours.

Its main function is that of a performance enhancing drug and that it does swiftly.

Precautions to be followed while using T3 Max: Dosage is the main precaution which must be kept in mind while using this product. Strict dosage fixed by a certified doctor is a must and as a Thyroid hormone, it is not something to tinker with.

Effects of T3 Max: This potent product speeds up fat loss, increases cardiovascular capacity rapidly and helps to build muscles faster than any mere weight lifting exercise can do. It is a must in the armory of a serious body builder. It increases metabolism rate and gives a boost to nutrition intake.

The dosage of T3 Max: Dosage is extremely important. A slow approach - beginning with 20/25 Mg per day is usually what people take. Increasing of dosage over time is most common practice and it decreases the risk of abuse.

Side Effects of T3 Max: Side effects happen when overdosage happens. Otherwise, it is one of the most common hormones with which our body is already well habituated. Problems of abuse include- irregular heartbeat, mood swing, nervousness and cardiovascular problems.

T3 Max Administration: This is an oral version and extremely easy to use. However; consulting with a certified physician is recommended. Intake in empty stomach is suggested.

Storage of T3 Max:  Store in a cool dry place (25-35 Degree C) and avoid direct sunlight.

Buy T3 Max: T3 Max is one of the most potent product to make you the super performer you always wanted to be. It comes from the reputed stable of MaxTreme pharma and available online.

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