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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care Bulk
Raw Material : Liothyronine Sodium
Product Pack : 30 tabs (25mcg/tab)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line 1

Overweight or obesity is certainly a big issue in modern days. While people cannot spend much time in gym to shed the extra flab, they prefer to take help of some of steroids or medicines to support themselves. T3, Cytomel (Thyro3) is a product launched and marketed by Alpha Pharma that may help the users to shed their extra flab.

T3 is basically thyroid hormone available in the form of oral medicine. This steroid increases the consumption of body carbohydrate, protein as well as lipid. This also increases oxygen consumption. Body builders basically use this steroid for losing weight faster in order to look trimmed and fit for any race or competition.


Those with the problem of hypothyroidism should contact the doctors to decide over the dosage of T3, Cytomel (Thyro3) by Alpha Pharmacy. The basic dosage should be 5mcg per day and it should not be increased beyond that level. It is because overdose of thyroid hormone can create a lot of troubles for the users.

Results of overdose:

Overdose of Thyro3 can make a mood swing in the patient, abnormal heart rhythms and even heart failure. It would be better to admit the patient to hospital soon as possible if symptoms of overdose are prompt.

Adverse effects:

Other than overdose there could be many other adverse effects of Thyro3. Excess weight loss may be considered as a trouble and the user may feel weaker. It is suggested to stop taking the medicine after a certain period. As the cycle comes to an end, it is better to lower the dosage before stopping it all at once. If the users stop administering the medicine all of a sudden, it may affect the normal process of the body. More precisely, it may start troubling with the cardiac functions.

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