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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care Bulk
Raw Material : Methenolone Acetate
Product Pack : 50 tabs (25mg/tab)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line 1

A properly bulked up figure is more like a dream to the body builders. There are several steroids they use to get the right shape but none has so far proved as more effective than Primo tabs. This tablet is an anabolic with relatively lower androgenic component. If the users are looking for a better result through Primobolan then they should keep on taking these medicines for a prolonged period.

Steroid profile

Methenolone Acetate is the actual component which gets marketed under the brand name of Primobolan or Primo tablets. As the muscle building capacity of this steroid is limited, so the users are suggested to continue the medication for a long period. It stays active four to six hours a day. This one does not have any DTH conversion capacity like average anabolic-androgenic tablets or injections.

How to use

This steroid can be used in two different ways, in a form of oral medicine and as injection. As oral medicine the steroid should be taken as 25 mg per day which may be increased after three to four weeks if no significant result is visible. In that case some users may even take up to 150mg per day to get results. However, the issue is not this much complicated while it comes to injections. People can take up to 250 to 300mg twice in a week. Women may also use this steroid but it would be better if they consult any physician regarding the dosage.

Side effects

Like many other anabolic androgenic steroids this one also has some side effects which may prove fatal if not consulted with a physician in time. Fatigue, nausea, cramping in abdomen, acne and oily skin are the common side effects of Primo Tablets. Other than these mood changes, anger and depression may also be seen among the users.

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