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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Somatropin
Product Pack : 15 IU (5MG)
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Growth issues sometimes pose trouble not only to the pediatric patients but also to the adults as well. HGH or Human Growth hormone is something that may help people to find a solution for HGH related troubles. Norditropin is a synthetic hormone substance which may help the body to cope up with troubled growth factors by stimulating the pituitary gland and compelling it to resume its growth related activities again.

Norditropin HGH is synthetic form of natural Somatropin which can be mixed with water for use. This growth hormone acts in the same way for both children and adults. People who have acute problem with growth issues can take the help of this injection to find a solution or to initiate the physical process once again.


It is not safe for people who already have diabetes, obesity or heart related issues. However, the basic dosage of this medicine is about 0.024 to 0.034mg per day for 6 to 7 times a week. For pediatric patients the dosage will naturally be different. It is supposed to be about 0.066mg per day. The dosage will depend on the weight of the body. This hormone has capabilities to slow down the process of aging also.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are common in some cases but some acute illness may also trouble the users as well. People suffering from surgical trauma, accidental trauma or respiratory failure should take the doctor’s suggestion before accessing the medicine. People having troubles with diabetic retinopathy may also face trouble with the dosage. This medicine may induce water retention which may apparently help the bodybuilders but may pose threat to those dealing with nephrological troubles. Pediatric patients with obesity may suffer from sudden heart-blockage as well as sleep apnea due to the administration of this medicine. Fluid retention may cause edema among patients as well.

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