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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma
Raw Material : Dorstanolone Enanthate
Product Pack : 10 ml/vial (200mg/ml)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line 1

Store more muscle mass with Masteron 200 steroid

Adding some extra weight is always considered as a benefit for the bodybuilders. The bodybuilders always try to gain some extra muscle mass because it helps them to flaunt themselves better. Masteron 200 is the anabolic steroid that has been used for engaging more muscle mass. This anabolic-androgenic steroid has its therapeutic usage also. It may help the women with breast cancer in a post-menstrual period. It also has enough popularity as a cutting steroid.

This steroid, Masteron is basically the brand name for the generic steroid Drostanolone Propionate, a DTH derived anabolic. This steroid, unlike other anabolic steroids, carries no estrogenic properties. This steroid is used to reduce fat. It is 5 times strong anabolic and androgenic steroid than its base testosterone. Promoting fat loss also help this steroid to gain more muscle mass.

How to use

Masteron is actually a slow steroid and does not start working immediately after injecting in the body. Average men needs to apply about 300 to 400mg steroid per week. Masteron stack runs about 6 to 8 weeks but the users may increase the dosage according to their need or usage of energy stack.

The cancer patients need to follow the advice of the physicians regarding dosage. The standerd dosage for the patients should be about 100mg thrice in a week which should be continued for about 8 to 12 weeks.

Side effects

Though there is no chance of any sort of estrogenic side effects o Masteron, one may not avoid the androgenic side effects like the other steroids. Male users may find decreasing hair line during the time of using the steroid. Other than that, cardiovascular issues, breathing trouble, high blood pressure and light-headedness may also be experienced. Testosterone suppression for energizing the body or storing energy by suppressing SHBG may also put the users into trouble with problems like low testosterone which may spark issues with lower sperm counts, high blood sugar and increasing fatigue or mental imbalance.

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