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Manufacturer : Alpha Pharma Health Care
Product Pack : 10ml (250mg/ml)
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Steroid profile

Indujet 250 is basically an oil-based injectable that contains Testoterone blend. It has been formulated and synthesized with four different Testosterone esters: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone decanoate and Testosterone isocaproate. Indujet 250 is rightly called as intelligently engineered testosterone that has been incredibly used to provide the fast yet extensive release of the hormone. The propionate and phenylpropionate esters of the hormone are quickly metabolized and get released into the circulation just within first four days. The remaining esters are slower in action, stays in body fat for nearly 2-3 weeks. Indujet 250 is a revolution in realm of drugs and steroids.

Why to use

Indujet 250 is much popular as strong anabolic and potent androgenic activity. It is commonly used as a powerful bulking drug with exceptional yields in strength and muscle mass. The drug with its slow absorption and smother concentration in blood is preferentially less aromatized in blood. With Indujet 250, blood levels build more slowly thus eliminates the chances of side effects to set in fast.

Users’ guidelines

Indujet 250 remains active in the body for about 3 weeks. So it is advised to take the injectable doses at an interval of 10 days. Normal effective doses constitutes of 250 mg (1 ampule) in every 10 days to 1000mg (4 ampules) weekly. Some athletes use even higher doses for expected better results, but that is not really recommended. Doses higher than 750-1000mg per week may substantially increase the chances of side-effects. Athletes are generally recommended to stack the drug with oral doses of Anadrol 50 and Danabol for best gains.


As it is potential androgen, some typical side-effects are expected with the use of the drug. These may include:

Oily skin
Body or facial hair growth
Premature balding

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