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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Somatropin
Product Pack : 18 IU (6MG)
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Growth is a factor that troubles many at different times. Synthetic growth hormones can effectively help people to find a solution of their problems and grow naturally. This steroid has therapeutic usage among the children and also among adults. However, the bodybuilders basically use this hormone due to its relatively lower detection risk and ability to strengthen immune system. Not only that, this steroid also helps to battle against aging and helps to keep user fit and sound.

This steroid has been created by using E-coli combating technology. This steroid is made with naturally occurring human growth hormone which is a polypeptide of rDNA and modified with E-coli strain. It also has 191-amino acid which increases the molecular weight of the steroid. This steroid directly effects the Pituitary gland and make stimulates it for growth.


The suggested dosage of Humatrope is about 4 to 6 IU per day for men while women can take about 2IU per day. This dosage may vary according to the need of the users during their bulking and cutting phase for bodybuilding. The dosage for therapeutic usage can vary on the requirements of patients and the doctors can suggest them about it. For therapeutic usage people can buy Humatrope pens which may help them to take the doses accordingly. Humatrope cycle usually runs for an average 6 months.

Side effects

Some sort of side effects for Humatrope hormone may trouble the users a few days later after starting administering the hormone. Those with pre-existing problems may find trouble in sleeping. Sleep apnea, lung infections, tiredness, joint pain as well as cardiovascular problems may also trouble the users. Confusion, impatience and other psychological problem may also occur due to overdose or prolonged use of Humatrope.

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