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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Human chorionic gonadotropin
Product Pack : 5000 IU
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Hucog HCG , going by the generic name HCG is produced in the females in abundance at the placenta during the pregnancy . This is essential in maintaining a fit and fine body by converting excess fat into calories. 


Hucog contains HCG as the main ingredient peptide hormone which functions in the same way as the luteinizing hormone (LH) which in turn stimulates the testes to produce testosterones. The testicles, in turn, stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterones leading to a condition where the body becomes dependent. 

The decrease in the Leydig cells creates low testosterones which are prevented by a small amount of Hucog. It instructs in weight loss by converting the excess fat stored in the body into vital energy. The amount of naturally produced HCG is not sufficient enough to bring the change.


For the purpose of on cycle use, the HCG male dosage varies between 250-350iu after every 4-5 days keeping the testicles full throughout the cycle promoting an easy recovery at the end. A dosage higher than the range may create LH dependency leading to a low testosterone condition. 

The dosage for the males ranges between 500iu - 4000iu for PCT purpose. It is required for an individual to undergo 1500iu - 4000iu for 2-3 weeks at an interval of every 3-4 days. 


It helps to improve the metabolism by initiating the body to make use of its own reserves thus ensuring a constant supply of energy to the body. It is beneficial in avoiding tiredness, overeating and irritability. 

Side Effects

The oestrogenic effect related to this hormone stimulates the testosterone to aromatize with the body receptors and get converted to oestrogen. Hucog is used as a part of PCT plan where if it is used on the cycle, the side effects can easily be got rid of using anti-oestrogen. 

It has been found to increase the risk attached to pregnancy complications and shouldn’t be used as a fertility aid. It is not advisable for the fatty people to use this steroid as this may lead to problems and they require some type of anti-oestrogenic protection. 

The Vitagon mimics the functioning of the LH resulting in the body to become dependent on it. This leads to low testosterone condition in the body when the steroid is discontinued. There are instances of side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, anxiety, rapid heart rate, fever, headache, rash, insomnia and night sweats etc. 

These side effects are non-existent, rare and can easily be cured automatically after the discontinuation of the steroid.

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