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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Somatropin
Product Pack : 36 IU (12MG)
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Increased muscle mass , increase in power , reduction in fat mass , skin tissue resurfacing, wrinkle reduction , facial muscles, increase strength , physical aging, slow down , speed elongation of hair and nails , increased libido and sexual satisfaction strength, restful sleep , increased energy levels , improved immune system , the increase in bone mass , tissue and organs that protect against catabolism provides enhanced recovery . Athletes elbow tendonitis , tension , pain, minor injuries as all we know , has the effect of healing , etc. .. Product is supplied from the manufacturer , the production site is available from the document . There are many benefits of growth hormone .


Researchers have carried out different experiments on many different groups . The results of these studies have played an important role in growth hormone, also replacing cell . A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, growth hormone has shown positive results on muscle mass and weight loss . Growth hormone can be quite useful for the control of many of the situations that come with old age . Weight control , muscle mass formation and development of the immune system are just some of the benefits . In addition, growth hormone, the skin will contribute to a more vibrant and healthy . As you know, when lifting weights , muscle caused by microscopic tearing of the muscle produced at this time . Accelerates the pace of growth hormone, the body's cells to reproduce and repair the damage .


HGH is also at an accelerated pace because your muscles will repair themselves after a workout reduces the time needed for rest and recuperation . HGH has a positive effect on the entire body . Bone density, flexibility and improves the strength of the joints . . Scientific studies HGH increases your metabolism , burn calories faster , which means that instead of storing them as fat . This body dry and even differences in the food , but also to reduce the energy level and the percentage of body fat deuygundur . HGH is also reducing wrinkles and hair growth , improved sexual performance and increased life for people who want to add years to life including helps protect young people . You can see the desired results HGH should be used daily for a period of time long enough to know. (Minimum 3 months, 6 months, optimal )

Storage Storage 2 ° C to 8 ° C refrigerator ( 39-46 ° F ), protection for 1 year ( until the expiration date ) - at room temperature (up to 37 degrees Celsius ), the 30 days you can protect - a maximum of 45 ° C You can protect week . Storage is very important in the market to buy the original be not take the cold chain products are degraded anarmol cheap prices .



Where Do The Injections : Injections How should I do? First, wash your hands with soap and clean water . powder with sterile water ( HGH ) including 2 bottles occurs. Sterile cotton and needle -point of an alcohol to wipe the place where hit. 1ml of sterile water is drawn into the syringe and inject into the vial . HGH molecules are very fragile and sensitive to heat . Fast movements across the sensitive. For this reason, do not shake the vial while stirring . Do not inject directly into a powder power of sterile water , filtered down slowly get off of the bottle . All dust ( it takes about 3-4 minutes ) can wait until it dissolves .


Users to achieve optimum effects must use the minimum daily dose of 4 iu . Daily dose can be injected several kezde . Growth hormone is produced , especially at night say . After injection before dinner or before going to bed to mimic the secretion , with an interval of 18 hours, the most important application form. Flexibility in this regard may be the time of application , but also for the injection is not needed at all times.


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