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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma
Raw Material : Testosterone Cypionate
Product Pack : 10 ml/vial (250mg/ml)
Shipping Line : International Shipping Line 1

Use Cypionate 250 for engaging more muscle mass to your body

Testosterone, the male hormone is also a booster in different forms which can engage a lot of muscle mass to the body. The bodybuilders and the athletes look for gaining more muscle mass to make them feel stronger and pumped up to be able to compete in the competitions. Anabolic steroids are used to engage the muscle mass alongside proper and balanced diet so that people can get the results within a short span of time. Cypionate 250 can help the users to get more muscle mass and feel energetic to hit the gym for a longer period.

Cypionate 250 is basically testosterone cypionate, a synthetic version of natural testosterone. This steroid is known for promoting nitrogen retention in the body. This steroid helps to get more strength and body mass. This steroid can bring significant changes in body shape by with cutting down the extra fat and mixing up the rest with the muscle in order to protect the fine tendons.

How to use

The most effective dosage of Cypionate 250 is 300 to 2000mg or more per week. The beginners can start with 300 mg per week while the dosage can grow up to 2000mg on the basis of working ability and requirement of the body. The more the users need to hit the gym, the more amount of Cypionate 250 would be aneeded.

Side effects

As it is a strong steroid, this synthetic form of testosterone would work much faster than any other steroids on human body. Along with the advanced effects, the adverse effects can also be visible among the users. Among the adverse effects there are gynecomastia, hair-line reduction as well as cardiovascular troubles and breathing problems can also be seen. People may also suffer from unnatural rising of blood pressure as the steroid boosts up the RBC counts in the body.

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